Cody Rogers

コディ -・ ロジャーズ

Cody Rogers Sensei joined the OKCD in the summer of 2004. He spent several months reading up on different martial arts and schools before deciding on Okinawan karate and the OKCD. Cody credits Smoger Sensei and Mullet Sensei’s emphasis on continued growth for the reason he and many other yudansha have continued training for so long.

Cody tested for his Shodan (1st dan) in June 2010 and was promoted to Yondan (4th dan) in 2022. He is the co-executive director for the club along with Christine Sopithakul Sensei. He teaches adult and youth classes on Saturdays.

Besides karate, Cody also began learning Yokage Aiki-jujutsu from Bryan Robbins Sensei and the instructors at the former SMU Martial Arts Club in 2013. Cody holds a BA in History from the University of Texas at Dallas and teaches high school social studies in Frisco, Tx.

Cody Rogers Sensei
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