Christine Sopithakul


Christine Sopithakul Sensei first became interested in martial arts by watching Saturday morning kung fu TV show. When her friend and OKCD instructor, Constance, suggested she try a karate class, Christine finally joined the Okinawan Karate Club of Dallas in September 2007. Although she had no previous martial arts experience, Christine began training multiple times a week and has continued this consistent regimen ever since.  She is currently ranked Yondan (4th dan) in Shorin Ryu and Shudokan.  She is also the Co-Executive Director of the Club with Cody Sensei.

Karate gives Christine a broader sense of awareness, balance, and confidence in daily life, and the added confidence in her ability to defend herself; however, it is the members and instructors of the Okinawan Karate Club that really keep her going back. She loves the healthy, supportive atmosphere and the wealth of knowledge and experience that the club offers. Christine also enjoys helping with the kid’s program at the club because it allows her to practice being a better instructor. Sopithakul Sensei currently teaches the Monday night open adult class.

Christine works as an IT professional. She is a Senior Application Analyst and has been with the same company for the past 28 years.

Outside the dojo and work, Christine enjoys running, softball, biking, weightlifting, and generally being active.


Chris Sopithakul Sensei
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