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Kid Karate Program

For years much has been made about the positive benefits of martial arts classes for youth. Parents often seek out traditional dojos to instill valuable life skills while keeping active and learning self-defense. A positive, if unexpected, benefit of joining an established club is the sense of camaraderie that students feel as they meet and train with teachers and fellow students. One of the biggest lessons that students can take away from karate is that they are a part of a larger community.  

Key Foundations Taught

Youth Karate Program

Youth classes at the OKCD emphasize the fundamental aspects of maturity, discipline, and respect. Students use teamwork and develop social skills as they work alongside others. We aim to create a safe and cooperative environment where students can grow over the long-term and achieve their goals. As students advance through the material they are invited to test for rank; this is a symbol of their hard work and their responsibility to others.  

Key Foundations Taught

Class Structure

Classes for beginner youth are separated into 6-8 y/o, and 9 years and up. Additional advanced youth classes open as students’ progress. If you are interested in learning more about traditional karate training for your child, please contact us for more information or to try out a class. 

STUDENTS At the OKCD Will Learn:

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FAQs Kids karate program

Our kids program has beginner classes for 6-8 y/o’s and 9-15y/o’s.

No. Members are not locked in by any contracts; membership is month to month. Students or legal guardians sign a standard liability waiver before trying their first class.

All OKCD instructors have been tested and hold rank within the curriculum they teach. Please see our club history section for our styles taught and lineage.

Students may attend all open classes for their program. Advanced youth class opens at yonkyu (red tag).

Students will be charged a one-time uniform/belt fee of $15 charged with the first month of dues.

This varies from person to person. Students must demonstrate competence with their rank material before being invited to test. This process may be helped with consistent attendance and practice. As the majority of instructors are volunteers, tests are scheduled around instructor availability.

We do not currently have any plans to offer open private lessons.

Tournaments are not a requirement of our club, but we do support students who decide to participate. If you are interested in tournaments, we may be able to point you in that direction.

Yes, we absolutely encourage family and visitors to watch and support students! At the moment, we are limiting the number of people within the dojo at one time. Under normal circumstances, we often have several family members in our foyer observing class.

Yes, we encourage anyone who is interested to try a free class before deciding whether or not to join. Please feel free to ask any questions!

OKCD FAQ Kids Program
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