Donna Mullett


Donna Mullett Sensei graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst with B.A.’s in Japanese and Art.  Following graduation, Mullett Sensei moved to Japan to improve her language skills.

From 1986-1989 she lived in Sapporo, Japan teaching English. She began her karate training in 1986 by joining a Wado-kai dojo. At the same time, she also trained in a style that was similar to Goju Ryu. The school was called Ryukookan. Just as she left Japan she achieved the rank of Shodan (1st dan) in both styles.

After receiving her M.A. from Yale in East Asian Studies, Mullett Sensei moved to Dallas to teach at St. Mark’s School of Texas, where she teaches Humanities and Japanese. This brought her to the Okinawan Karate Club of Dallas where she has trained and taught since 1991.

After starting over as a white belt she is now a Rokudan, (6th dan) in both Shorin Ryu and Shudokan and a Sandan (3rd dan) in Toei Ryu.  Mullett Sensei is also the Head Instructor and Program Director for OKCD. 

Mullett Sensei teaches the Monday night open class, youth beginner classes and coordinates youth and adult testing.

Donna Mullett Sensei
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