3720 Walnut Hill Lane, #201
(Marsh Lane & Walnut Hill Lane- Southeast Corner)
Dallas,  Texas  75229

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Okinawan Karate Club of Dallas
c/o Smoger Law Firm
13250 Branch View Lane
Dallas, TX 75243

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972-406-BUDO (2836)

All Classes

# of  Student Per Month Per Quarter
1 $65 $180
2 $120 $345
3 $165 $480

$5.00 off by using Electronic Funds Payment



Youth must be 5 years old to start to train. 

You must be be 16 years old to train in the adult class. 


Registration Fees, Belt Fees & Contracts

We have no registration fees, belts fees and there are NO contracts.   Monthly dues for all eligible classes.




Other Fees / Dues


There are monthly dues for all youth and adult karate classes.  If a student attends a class any part of that month, the student pays his/her entire monthly dues. If a student is an active Club member, the student must pay his/her monthly dues.  There are no contracts.  Students may prepay their dues in 3 month intervals to qualify for a Club discount  There are also family/household discounts and discounts if you use electronic funds for payment of your dues.  Dues should be paid at the first of the month.  All checks are made payable to the order of Okinawan Karate Club of Dallas, Inc.


There are no regular  testing fees when a student tests.  Testing fees may be incurred for yudansha tests.  Testing fees may also be incurred if an out of town Sensei is brought to the Club and the Club pays travel expenses and an honorarium to that Sensei (usually happens for dan tests).  That fee will always depend on who is brought in and how much it costs the Club. If a Sensei is brought in for the student's test, the student should pay strict attention to the feedback of that Sensei as well as any other Sensei.


All guest instructors are compensated for teaching. Workshop fees depend on who is brought in and how much their travel expenses are. Students are encouraged to attend all workshops.


Often beginner gi's (uniforms) are given to students with their first months of dues.  All equipment is paid for by the Club except for the purchase of one's gi, one's own personal weapons or sparring equipment.  All green belts and above are encouraged to buy their own sparring equipment. All men and boys are required to wear a cup.  Students do not have to wear a gi to try a free class.   All belts will be given to the student by his/her Sensei. A student should never purchase his/her own belt and should only wear the belt given to him/her by his/her Sensei.


OKCD gives its own certificates after each major examination with no fee charged to the examinee.  However, students are encouraged to purchase certificates. This money supports that particular Sensei or his family. This is the product the Sensei has to sell for all the knowledge he has acquired.

Certificates from Sensei Shimabukuro (Grand Master, Shorin Ryu Shobayashi Karatedo):

Membership Fee $36.00 per year
Green Belt $80.00*
Brown Belt $90.00*
Black Belt $100.00*
Dan Ranking $100.00* per dan

Certificates from the late Sensei Todd, Shibucho for the late Grand Master Toyama, Shudokan Karatedo, are made and given by Mrs. Eve Todd.  All prices are suggested donations.  Please give what you can. Update:  Mrs. Todd passed away January 28, 2017 so these certificates are no longer able to be received. 

Membership Fee $15.00*
Green Belt $25.00*
Brown Belt $35.00*
Black Belt-Shodan $95.00*
Nidan / Sandan $125.00* /  $150.00*